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Fic: The Whole Truth And Nothing But

Title: The Whole Truth And Nothing But
Author: dont_hate_me01
Artist: No art submitted
Beta: tattooeddevil
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Mention made of rape. Drug abuse and self-harm with a knife. Top!Dean
Summary: After being hit with a truth spell Sam's forced to reveal some shattering things about himself, including that he was raped and that he loves Dean like no brother should love his sibling, he runs away. Dean manages to find him almost a year later and now his younger brother is addicted to heroin and is into self-harm. Sam can't believe that Dean feels the same about him and feels like Dean only pities him. Dean has to use a spell on Sam before Sam realizes Dean feels the same and with time and love Dean convinces Sam that they share a special bond.
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